Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Leverage AI-based solutions to create business value for your organization.


6 weeks, excluding


7-10 hours per week,
entirely online

Learning Format

Weekly modules,
flexible learning

This Online Short Course Is for You If:

  • You lead technology teams and need to drive and implement your organization’s AI strategy.
  • As a business leader, deepening your understanding of AI is necessary to identify new opportunities for implementing this innovative technology.
  • You work on AI projects and want to achieve alignment with your business context and objectives, to improve customer experiences or solve client needs.

Course Curriculum

Module 1:
AI Now - Why This Time It’s Different
Explore the evolution of AI and its technologies, and discover why it is important to have an AI strategy, and when to adopt one.

Module 4:
KPIs and Identifying Threats
Explore factors that affect the maintenance of an AI strategy, such as threats and KPIs.

Module 2:
Challenges and Approaches to Determining an AI Strategy
Decide on the most suitable AI strategy for an organization based on its strategic objectives.

Module 5:
Consolidating Your AI Strategy Canvas
Complete Your AI Strategy Canvas.

Module 3:
Resource Requirements for Adopting an AI Strategy
Determine the resources needed to adopt an AI strategy.

Module 6:
Future AI Implications
Prepare for the future of AI by looking at the predicted growth and how to equip for this growth.


The primary focus of this course is on nontechnical skills, such as the management of data science implementation efforts. Maximizing the business value of data science projects requires more than the ability to program or code. This course does not require technical abilities or cover how to code. Effective communication and collaboration between leaders and data analytics teams is essential to ensure that an organization’s data analytics capabilities serve the business objectives.

Upon Completion of This Course, You'll Have:


The ability to evaluate when a business is ready to implement an AI strategy.


An action plan to ensure the successful implementation of your AI strategy to future-proof your business.


An understanding of various internal and external considerations, such as ethics and governance, to ensure successful AI project delivery.


A business perspective of the value, risks and opportunities associated with implementing an AI strategy.

Your Faculty Director

Alberto Todeschini

Faculty Director, UC Berkeley School of Information

Alberto Todeschini is a researcher and consultant specializing in artificial intelligence, including deep learning methods for computer vision, natural language processing, and generative adversarial networks. He has lectured widely (most recently at Cambridge University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and at the London School of Economics). He has done extensive consulting work in healthcare, pharma, legal tech, agriculture, ad tech, and finance as well as held advisory roles for startups. Currently, he is a lecturer at
the UC Berkeley School of Information.

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